Field service management software (FSM) is a system that enables companies to provide onsite information to their customers. FSM software manages the operations through tracking requests, management of workers in the fields, and maintenance of a clear visibility of all the operations in the field. Some of the industries that use FSM software include telecom, healthcare, mining, small-scale companies, and homecare industries. The managers and supervisors use the software to allocate different tasks to their workers and monitor their progress in the field.

The Importance of FSM Software

The service technicians customize their field service management software to include the processes and projects they will be working on. Some of the important roles of the software are:
• Enabling the field operators to share real-time information on what is happening in the field with their customers.
• They accept mobile payments as soon as they make a sale from their mobile devices. The service technicians also get electronic signatures on work orders and invoices.
• Real-time job tracking makes it easy for supervisors to reassign jobs and improve the efficiency of the workers on the field.
• The company managers can review the work and cash flow on at their convenient time.
• The software helps the supervisors and managers to analyze the technicians’ skill set and track their worker’s performance.
• The ability to see the real-time updates on the job status allows a dispatcher to give accurate information to clients thus improving the customer service.

Features of FSM Software

Field service management software has many tools that a service technician should update to make maximum use of it. Some of the techniques that supervisors and managers can implement include:

• Integration of the Tasks with Mobile devices- Integration of the FSM software with mobile devices allows instant updates of the status of work thus allowing for proper scheduling and allocation of duties in the field.

• Allow the service technicians to update their Schedule and Calendars- Service management software allows inclusion of some tools to help the supervisors in field service scheduling. The allocation of tasks by one person may be a little cumbersome, but the manager can integrate the scheduling process with the software to allow the field workers to plan their work.

• Preventative Maintenance Reminders- the FSM software comes with a preventive maintenance reminder tool that ensures that the technicians do not miss any recurring jobs. Additionally, the maintenance visits offer guaranteed income to the business, unlike the new service contracts.

• Daily Email Sheets- the FSM software generates day sheets once a scheduler sets the regular jobs. They can then directly send those sheets to the email addresses of field agents with no need of printing. You can find more resources available at the Miracle Service website.

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