In the business of real estate we have today, you stand a chance of generating and keeping your business and leads or losing them altogether depending on how you utilize the Ixact Contact real estate CRM.

Home buyers are now coming into the real estate world in search of homes more informed than ever with over 98% of these home buyers starting their initial search online and are willing to dig through all the dirty to find all the relevant information. With all the websites, social media, portals and reviews online, you will hardly miss relevant information that you need about real estate as a home buyer and even use this information to decide which business to work with.

The only way that business can now capitalize on this changing customer mindset is by excelling in the customer service sector. And this is where the real estate contact management  will come in and help as sometimes, even great service just doesn’t cut it anymore. And this pressure has given birth to the CRM programs that have extra features to cater for each agent needs when it comes to their potential leads and existing customers.

Agents are now able to get more leads and close more deals and even retain more of their customers using these new CRM features. This article has compiled a list of five interesting findings that will prove to you why integrating the real estate CRM software will boost your business.

  1. Brokerages are now looking for a better real estate CRM that are tailored to their industry needs

More brokers and agents are now using CRMs that is focused solely on real estate. In fact, industry-specific CRM has become the biggest demand in the real estate market right now.

And the industry segments of potential buyers have made the need for these CRM software tools even more demanding. A greater percentage of real estate buyers are now coming from the industrial sector like manufacturing, real estate, consulting, etc. Which all require the real estate agents and brokers to use specialized CRM software to meet these prospect buyer’s needs and preferences. The real estate CRM software will help perform most of the tasks assigned to them easier and faster and more accurately which will save you more time and a lot of energy which you can utilize in other important things.

  1. The most called for feature in CRM software is the sales force automation feature

Constantly managing an ever-growing database is a very challenging task and sometimes, you may even end up inputting wrong data due to exhaustion and time constrictions. And that is why the real estate CRM software now comes with sales force automation features which can do these tasks much faster and easier and more accurately too.

  1. Manual work is time-consuming, which most agents still use

72% of prospective buyers still use manual data entry to manage their customer relationships which is a time-consuming business and sometimes you may even end up entering wrong data due to time constrictions and fatigue. And this, in most cases, leads to the loss of up to 80% of leads. The new real estate CRM has automated features which do all the work for you.

  1. The greatest challenges that face the business success

The small and mid-sized agents and brokers face a lot of challenges setting up sales processes and the greatest of these challenges is organization and efficiency. CRM addresses all of these problems and monitors every process and make the work a lot easier, faster and more accurate.

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