How to Enroll in the Best Big Data Courses

Wayne September 22, 2017

You may wonder if enrolling in big data courses is the right step for you in your professional life. With the demand of customers on businesses to be web-friendly, knowing about big data will benefit you as an individual and leader in your place of work. Your next big promotion or new job with an upgrade in responsibility and pay is right around the corner when you decide to continue your education with big data courses. Whether you’ve taken big data courses before, or are new to this educational scene, the staff at Schulich Executive Education Centre will help serve your needs to ensure your academic and career goals are met. This how to guide will walk you through the basics of enrollment.

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Top Four Reasons You Should Consider Receivables Financing Today

Wayne September 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to gain more control over your company’s cash flow? Many business owners have found that accounts receivable financing provides the solution they seek. The question on your mind is whether this financing solution is right for you and your business. One of the more attractive advantages of factoring receivables is that your funding partner provides most of the value of your invoice batches up front. Here are four of the top reasons why factoring your client invoices makes sense.

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Why Companies In Managed Public Cloud Services Show Great Resiliency

Wayne June 5, 2017

Over the course of the past two decades, the term managed service provider (MSP) has become exceedingly familiar in the Canadian IT industry. Although the services offered by MSPs do vary to an extent, companies of this type are generally united by a commitment to technical fluency and professionalism. Arguably, MSPs employ some of the most prestigious computer science experts currently working in the IT industry. Because managed services is a well-established business model, some people believe that this corner of the IT industry is ripe for disruption. It is true that MSPs must evolve to maintain relevance in a changing commercial environment. Nevertheless, one should never underestimate the imagination and verve of leading Canadian MSPs. Although every industry must face challenges at times, MSPs seem particularly able to recognize the changing needs of IT customers. Far from causing managed services to wither on the vine, increased demand for cloud storage provides one more avenue for MSPs to achieve diverse product offerings. Compared to more basic, spartan alternatives, managed public cloud services are deeply flexible and promising. This is particularly true when these services feature Azure management.

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